Who We Are

We are the Wyers Family law firm. The firm exists because of the personal and professional commitments of a father and a son to each other, built upon a legacy left to them by a father and grandfather.

We are focused on helping families with life transitions. Whether it be guiding the transfer of resources through the winter of the elder family member’s years into the next generations, consulting on the passing of a family business to younger managers, or mediating the dissolution of a family relationship, we are committed to helping make these events as tolerable as possible, financially and emotionally. We can help you plan for, and get beyond, the most important events in your life with as little stress, tax expense and involvement with courts and administrative red tape as possible.

We encourage our clients to be forward-thinking, to do things right the first time. We learned as children that “a stitch in time saves nine.” When we set up a limited liability company or a closely held corporation for you, we check in with you every year to help ensure that the entity remains in good standing, to afford you the protection it was intended to provide. When we create an estate plan for you, we check in with you every few years to be sure that your legal documents keep pace with changes in your situation. Unlike firms which simply do the initial legal documents, and send the clients on their way, we consider our attorney/client connections to be committed relationships. In other words, you can count on us to check up on you to be sure you are not creating problems for yourself, or messes for your children to clean up.

We know how to fight the good fight when a lawsuit is unavoidable, but we also know that no one really wins in court. You can always expect us to seek a resolution of a dispute through negotiation, or mediation, or through some collaborative process that puts a problem behind you with your self-respect intact.