The Wyers Law firm is located in Hood River, Oregon, founded by Teunis J. Wyers, Sr., in 1926. We continue a 90-year tradition of providing high-quality legal service to individuals, businesses, municipalities, and employers in Washington and Oregon, throughout the Mid-Columbia Gorge region. We invite you to tour our website and discover for yourself the many benefits of working with the best legal counsel the Gorge has to offer!

Our Mission

As a recognized leader in the Mid-Columbia Gorge community, we are dedicated to providing quality legal services that are effective, professional, efficient, and reasonably priced. In pursuing this goal, we strive to be respectful and to respond promptly to all our clients’ communications and needs.

Company Profile

We address the needs of our clients with more than just our knowledge of rules and regulations. We complement our technical expertise with experience, common sense, and business understanding to help our clients define and achieve their goals. We work closely with our clients to understand their businesses and objectives, often serving as business and personal advisors, as well as legal counselors. Our overall approach is to foresee and prevent problems before they occur. Yet, when problems have arisen, our history demonstrates our ability to successfully find solutions that satisfy our clients.

Our practices concentrate in the areas of estate and business succession planning, wills, trusts, estate administration and probate, business formation, development and operations, municipal representation, mediation, real estate and land use transactions and regulations, and general problem-solving.